Wall of Fame: TrojanOne

The Canadian Intern Association would like to welcome TrojanOne to our Wall of Fame. As a company that hires and relies on 30+ interns every year, TrojanOne provides an excellent template for employers across Canada. TrojanOne has committed to the equal treatment of interns and has worked to improve their intern compensation from an honorarium received at the completion of the contract to an hourly wage given to all interns.


We spoke with TrojanOne’s Senior Manager of Recruitment Justin Orfus who provided us with some details about their program. Beyond providing interns with and hourly wage, TrojanOne boasts a program that hopes to combine ‘real world experience’ and education. Each internship is broken in to three or four month contracts beginning in January, May & September respectively. Interns are given clear training, expectations and feedback throughout their contract and most importantly an opportunity for full time employment. According to Mr. Orfus, “approximately one third of TrojanOne’s current staff are former TrojanOne interns”.’
To learn more about the program, visit:  http://www.trojanone.com/contact/internships/ 

The Canadian Intern Association cannot speak highly enough of TrojanOne’s efforts to fairly compensate interns and comply with Canadian employment laws. As a result, TrojanOne has set an industry standard for internships and earned a place on our Wall of Fame.

Adam Seaborn is a Film & Media graduate from Queen’s University in Ontario and a member of the Canadian Intern Association executive. He is currently applying for law school and seeking employment in television and new media.

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