Vancouver Canucks seeking photography intern

That’s right. We had to put a HOCKEY TEAM on our Wall of Shame. How un-Canadian is that? Well, the Vancouver Canucks advertised for an unpaid Photography Intern, a position that looks suspiciously like a real job. Check out the advertisement here.

Although this sounds like a pretty cool job, the Vancouver Canucks are still required (by law) to pay their employees. If you are fuzzy about the laws surrounding internships in British Columbia, check out our “What’s the Law?” page. In British Columbia, interns can only work unpaid if the internship is part of an academic program. The advertisement states they are looking for a “current photography student or recent graduate.” Unless this Photography Intern does the internship as part of their academic program, he or she is entitled to be paid the minimum wage.


The Vancouver Canucks have responded saying this position is paid and for that we have moved them to our Wall of Fame! We have asked them to include that the position is paid in their advertisement. Frequently organizations have been posting internships without mentioning that they are unpaid until the applicants contact them to avoid public exposure.

If you know anyone who has done an internship with the Vancouver Canucks, please have them e-mail us at


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