Telico offers 3 unpaid internships in Montreal

UPDATE MARCH 20, 2015: Telico has advised the Canadian Intern Association that, after posting these advertisements, Telico did not take on any unpaid interns and has been focusing on providing paid employment.

Telico is offering a three unpaid internships that we think are problematic: Marketing Manager Internship, Technical Support Engineer РInternship, Project Manager РInternship. Telico Networks Canada is a communications and technology company.

The advertised internships are each 4 months and entirely unpaid. These positions would involve resolving customer issues; performing research and developing campaigns; producing social media content; working with sales engineers and account managers; and promoting new and ongoing business opportunities. Nothing in these jobs descriptions suggests any form of training, mentoring, or learning benefits for the intern.

In Quebec the law regarding internships (“les stages”) is very clear. Internships may only be unpaid if (1) it is part of a formal educational program, for a non-profit organization, or has social or community purposes, or (2) the intern is participating in a programme of vocational training. All other trail periods and training at the employer’s request must be remunerated.

It would be against the law in Quebec for these internships to be unpaid. Based on the advertisements, none of the three internships fall within the exclusions that allow Telico to hire unpaid interns. The Canadian Intern Association urges Telico to make these paid positions or otherwise modify them to comply with Quebec employment laws.

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