Student Group Support

The Canadian Intern Association needs your help! We are looking for support from student groups across Canada so we can continue to operate. We are in the process of incorporating as a federal not-for-profit organization.

Our Executive Team is made up entirely of volunteers and we are very grateful to the many other individuals who donate their time and resources to help our cause. Now we are asking student groups (i.e. university and college unions, association, organizations, etc.) to help by donating funds or other resources.

If your student group donates to the Canadian Intern Association, the money would be used for:

  • Guidebook – producing a “Canadian Internship Guidebook” that will teach interns what their rights are and employers how to run better internship program (created by law students, interns, and employers)
  • Website – annual fees associated with domain name and web hosting (our website is very useful resource for employers, interns, career counselors and more) as well as some basic graphic design work
  • Research – collecting basic statistics on unpaid internships in Canada and developing policy proposals (we have two Masters of Public Affairs students from the University of Victoria doing work for us already!)
  • Translation – creating a french version of our website and more focus on internship issues (les enjeux de stage) in Quebec
  • Awareness – targeted advertisements so we can raise awareness about issues surrounding unpaid internships (e.g. what internships are illegal, how interns can claim back their pay, which companies are the worst offenders)
  • Expenses – basic travel expenses associated with lobbying governments to improve their employment laws that impact interns in Canada

Feel free to let us know where you would like the money to go! We will produce an annual report with full disclosure on where our funds came from and what they were spent on.

E-mail if you have questions or would like to make a donation.

A huge THANK YOU to the following student groups that have made a donation:

  • Ryerson University Student Union

To learn more about the Canadian Intern Association,
check out the About Us and What We Do page.