10 internship advertisements from Rugby Canada

Attention rugby-lovers! We have got Rugby Canada on our Wall of Shame after they posted advertisements for TEN internships in Langford, British Columbia and Richmond Hill, Ontario.

For all of these positions the compensation is listed as “performance based honorarium awarded at the end of internship term.” In other words, these are unpaid internships and nothing in the job description indicates that they are part of a co-op or other educational programs. If you familiar with our What’s the Law? page you will know that these internships are certainly illegal in British Columbia, and almost certainly illegal in Ontario.

Click here for the .PDF files of all 10 internships:

It is hard to know where to begin with these job descriptions. Let’s start with the fact that they are clearly JOB descriptions and include exactly the kinds of responsibilities that one would expect of a full-time staff member. Here are some examples:

  • “Sourcing out various vendors/suppliers”
  • “Manage online coaching & match official programs”
  • “Assist with creation and execution of a volunteer recruitment and training program”
  • “Event Administrative Support, including…track expenses against the event budget, and accounts payable and receivable for the event”
  • “Produce post event sponsor reports”
  • “Ensure timely preparation (pick and pack) and delivery of all Rugby Canada Online Store purchases”
  • “Maintain up to date ticket customer records in a central database for each event”
  • “Applicants should have a valid diver’s licence”

Shame on you Rugby Canada. All we ask is that you pay these interns at least the minimum wage in British Columbia and Ontario. An undefined honorarium payable at the end of the internship based on performance is not adequate compensation.

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