NDP Petition to Protect Unpaid Interns

The NDP have come out with a petition in support of Bill C-636 that would amend federal legislation to provide better protections for interns working for federally regulated organizations.

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We, the undersigned residents of Canada, recognize the following:

  • Youth unemployment in Canada is close to double the national average.
  • Some companies are replacing entry-level paid positions with unpaid internships.
  • Estimates suggest there are between 100,000 and 300,000 unpaid internships in Canada.
  • Under federal law, unpaid interns have no protections and are at risk of being exploited or abused.

THEREFORE we call upon Members of Parliament to support Bill C-636 The Intern Protection Act, which will extend workplace protections to all interns (paid or unpaid) under the federal labour code and set clear rules on the use of internships to prevent the exploitation of young Canadians.


Under current federal law, many interns lack basic health and safety protections and have no limits on the numbers of hours they can be forced to work.

That’s why the NDP has introduced the Intern Protection Act.

The bill will extend health and safety protections to all interns, like the right to refuse dangerous work and freedom from sexual harassment and basic employment standards including right to time off and holidays.

Additionally the Intern Protection Act will introduce clear rules that will limit the use of unpaid internships and prevent the exploitation of young Canadians.

Students are graduating university with massive debts loads only to enter a job market where youth unemployment is nearly double the national rate. They deserve real action from the federal government to stop the ongoing misuse and abuse.

Tom Mulcair’s NDP is the only party pushing for tougher laws regulating unpaid internships.

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