MPP Jonah Schein introduces Private Members Bill

Ontario MPP Jonah Schein is at Queen’s Park today at a press conference introducing his Private Members Bill on internships. Also in attendance is employment lawyer Andrew Langille and Canadian Intern Association Executive Team member Kyle Iannuzzi.

Although we do not have all the details yet, this bill would:

  • Grant unpaid interns more protections under the Ontario Employment Standards Act, such as regular work day, eating periods, and holidays
  • Require employers to provide written notice to the Ontario government when they take on unpaid interns. This would assist the Ministry of Labour with data collection and enforcement.
  • Create a complaint system that allows complaints to be submitted by third parties and interns anonymously
  • Require employers to post a poster with information about intern’s rights in Ontario in the workplace prepared by the Ministry of Labour

The creation of this Bill is very exciting news for the interns rights movement. It is the first of its kind in North America and will hopefully set a positive example for other jurisdictions. It is clear law reform is required when it comes to internships in Canada and we would like to commend Jonah Schein for his initiative with this Bill.


Here are links to some media coverage of the Bill:

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