Wall of Fame: The Globe and Mail’s 2015 summer program

Congratulations to The Globe and Mail for making it onto our Wall of Fame for their 2015 summer program! The advertisement itself states:

The Globe and Mail is looking to hire reporters, editors, digital/video/multimedia specialists, designers and others for the summer of 2015. These are fully paid jobs and not internships. We are seeking freelance writers and editors, experienced journalists from other organizations, recent graduates or students in their graduating year.

Unpaid internships (both legal and illegal) are extremely common in journalism and we would like to commend the Globe and Mail for providing paid positions. One benefit of offering paid summer positions is that no applicant is restricted from participating based on financial need or socioeconomic status. We hope other Canadian media follow the Globe and Mail’s example and offer paid summer positions or ensure that their internships comply with provincial employment laws.

Read the full 2015 summer program advertisement here.


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