Taking Charge of Change: International Youth Day 2013

Though a couple of months late, we thought we would share with you our experience at the Canadian Labour Congress’ Taking Charge of Change event in August, which also happened to fall on International Youth Day.

The evening consisted of Pecha Kucha talks from young workers, youth activists, and local youth-led organizations. It was also an opportunity to connect with other motivated and passionate individuals and organizations in the Ottawa-Gatineau community, within the labour movement, and with young people across Ontario, more generally.


As the representative from the Canadian Intern Association, I discussed the issue of unpaid internships in Canada and highlighted our Claim Back Your Pay campaign, some of our more notable successes in the last year, as well as our objectives for the near future. Finally, I made sure to give a huge shout out to all those who support us and those who continue to keep the issue of unpaid internships in the spotlight.

We can’t thank you enough!

– Barbara

Update after our most recent meeting in Toronto

The Canadian Intern Association held an open meeting in Toronto on August 7, 2013. It took places at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University. View the facebook event here.

I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who attended:

  • Tom Haxell, Canadian Intern Association VP Outreach
  • Kyle Iannuzzi, Canadian Intern Association VP Operations
  • Andrew Langille, employment lawyer and author of www.youthandwork.ca
  • Lindsay Ellis, MBA Student at Ryerson University
  • Jill Nagel, SNAP Newspaper Group
  • Maria Brunello, University of Ottawa Faculty of Law
  • Kaley Kennedy, Communications Coordinator at the Canadian Federation of Students
  • Alastair Woods, Chairperson-elect of the Canadian Federation of Students
  • Gayle McFadden, York University Federation of Students
  • Guled Arale, University of Toronto Scarborough Campus Students’ Union
  • Rhaean Hoilett, Ryerson University Students’ Union
  • Christopher Strain, Students for Jobs Now

Among the items discussed were:

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Canadian Intern Association meets with Justin Trudeau & Scott Brison in Ottawa

This morning Canadian Intern Association President Claire Seaborn attended a Roundtable on Youth Employment organized by Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau and Member of Parliament Scott Brison. The event brought together policy experts and individuals representing employers, educators, and students.

“Recent reports about illegal unpaid internships have shown we need to do a better job protecting young Canadians who are desperate for work experience,” said Brison. “Establishing clear standards around internships will help safeguard legitimate opportunities for young workers while protecting them from exploitation.”





VIDEO: Trudeau Worried About Unpaid Internships

Read the full PRESS RELEASE here:


Roundtable on Youth Employment AGENDA:



June 19th: SchoolFinder Webinar

Tomorrow afternoon, Intern Association is participating in the Edge Interactive/ SchoolFinder.com webinar on Summer Jobs, Internships and Co-op Opportunities. The webinar will be attended by over 200 participants, made up mostly of students, new grads and educators. Claire is going to give a short presentation on internships that touches on the different types and durations and provides tips for young workers on how to make the best of their experience and to watch out for exploitation.


Registration is free, click here