New paper on Work-Integrated Learning by the new paper by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario

As experiential education and work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities expand across Ontario and the rest of Canada, a new paper by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) cautions that a lack of clarity on a number of WIL legal issues is becoming increasingly challenging for institutions.

Maximizing Opportunity, Mitigating Risk: Aligning Law, Policy and Practice to Strengthen Work-Integrated Learning in Ontario identifies seven areas for institutions and policy makers to focus on: employment standards, health and safety, human rights, intellectual property, employment insurance, immigration law and tax expenditures. The study found that while only a small number of cases result in litigation, campus leaders and legal representatives are becoming increasingly preoccupied interpreting unclear laws and regulation, mediating disputes and negotiating agreements to address this growing and changing area of postsecondary education.

The report calls for greater clarity and consistency in the use of terminology to improve communication about the legal norms and expectations for WIL; more collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing throughout institutions, students, employers and government; and better and more publicly accessible data about the range of opportunities and experiences available through WIL.

Additional information on the report is available in the following Press Release and Globe and Mail opinion editorial. 

PM Trudeau announces Youth Council & call for applications

Prime Minsiter Justin Trudeau, in his role as Minister of Youth, has announced the creation of the first ever “PM Youth Council”. The council will be comprised of 30 Canadians ages 16-24 and the first round of applications are due on August 12th. Click here for more information about the PM Youth Council.


The Canadian Intern Association was very pleased to be included in a briefing call with Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, Minister Peter Schiefke, in advance of the announcement. We will be doing our best to ensure that issues surrounding youth employment and unpaid internships are central in the PM Youth Council requirement process and mandate!

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We would like to congratulate the Prime Minister on this initiative and look forward to following the council selection process. If you would like assistance with your application or would like to give feedback regarding the PM Youth Council, email

Shocking Results from Ontario Blitz

The Ontario Ministry of Labour has announced that they have collected nearly $140,000 in wages for interns in workplaces across the province. These are the results from the Ministry’s recent inspection blitz where employment standards officers visited 123 workplaces believed to have internship programs and investigated whether interns were entitled to minimum wage and other employment standards such as public holidays and vacation.

Out of the 77 workplaces that had interns:

  • 18 employers (almost 25 per cent) did not meet the requirements under the Employment Standards Act (ESA)
  • 18 employers (almost 25 per cent) had paid interns and were in compliance with the ESA
  • 41 employers (more than 50 per cent) were found to have intern programs that were exempt from the ESA

The blitz found $140,630 in wages that were owed to interns, and since that time a total of $138,731 has been recovered. This includes:

  • $85,968 in owed wages voluntarily paid by 13 employers
  • $52,763 in owed wages recovered by the ministry through orders issued to four employers


View the press release here:

View the full report here:

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Canadian Intern Association urges Minister Mihychuk not to follow through on the Harper government’s unpaid internship loopholes

Earlier today, the Canadian Intern Association wrote Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour MaryAnn Mihychuk urging her government to halt the Canada Labour Program’s unpaid internship consultations and to enact meaningful reforms to prevent employee misclassification in the federal jurisdiction.

The current consultations focus on the establishment of regulations for the coming into force of the unpaid internship loopholes created by the Harper government in the 2015 Budget Implementation Act. The Canadian Intern Association adamantly opposes these provisions, which will allow federally regulated employers to “hire” unpaid interns if certain conditions are met.

The Canadian Intern Association wrote Minister Mihychuk urging her to halt the coming into force of these provisions, and to notify her of our withdrawal from further participation in the Canada Labour Program’s consultations.

A copy of the Canadian Intern Association’s letter is available here.

Want to add your voice to the campaign? Click here to tell Minister Mihychuk to not follow through on the Harper government’s unpaid internship loopholes.

Les Stages, l’emploi jeunesse, et les élections fédérales 2015 : Une analyse des positions des partis politiques

En prévision des élections fédérales 2015, l’Association canadienne des stagiaires a développé un questionnaire sur les enjeux reliés aux stages non rémunérés, incluant la réforme du Code canadien du travail, et la création d’une politique proactive qui soutiendrait la transition des jeunes de l’école au marché du travail.

Nous avons reçu des réponses de tous les partis politique principaux à l’exception du Parti Conservateur du Canada (PCC). L’analyse de leurs réponses suit et l’entièreté de leurs réponses est disponible ici (en anglais).  L’analyse est divisée entre les partis pancanadiens et les partis présentant les candidats uniquement ou principalement au Québec.

Depuis trois ans, l’Association canadienne des stagiaires travaille directement avec le Parti Libéral du Canada (le PLC), le Nouveau Parti Démocratique (NPD) et le PCC. L’Association est un organisme strictement non partisan. L’analyse qui suit se base uniquement sur les réponses données par les partis. Aucune autre source n’a été consultée. L’analyse a été faite par Andrew Langille, le directeur juridique de l’Association, membre d’aucun parti politique.

L’Association canadienne des stagiaires encourage chacun et chacune à s’impliquer dans la politique durant les élections fédérales. Vous pouvez vous renseigner davantage sur le processus de vote par le biais du site web d’Élections Canada ou en appelant 1-866-463-6868. Si vous avez des questions particulières suite à la lecture de cette analyse, nous vous encourageons fortement à contacter directement le candidat dans votre circonscription afin de mieux comprendre leurs positions et ainsi faire un choix informé le 19 octobre. Les élections auront lieu le 19 octobre, et le vote par anticipation est possible dès la semaine prochaine. Nous encourageons fortement tous et chacun à voter.

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