Wall of Fame: Career Edge

The Canadian Intern Association would like to welcome Career Edge to our Wall of Fame!

Career Edge is fantastic non-profit based in Toronto that matches employers with interns for PAID internships. We are so glad that they encourage employers to offer paid positions and show the value of recent graduates in the workplace.

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A self-sustaining social enterprise, Career Edge has remained passionate about connecting highly motivated, well-qualified interns with leading organizations since 1996. Whether an organization is in pursuit of talent to meet or exceed its evolving business needs, or a recent graduate, graduate with a disability or internationally qualified professional is seeking meaningful work experience consistent with their education and skills, our paid internships will give them the edge they need to succeed.

Career Edge works. Half of our interns are hired by their host employer at the end of their internship and most of the rest successfully launch their career elsewhere within six months.

We make the business of finding great talent cost-efficient and virtually risk free, while giving the edge to those striving to launch their careers.

Visit us at www.careeredge.ca to learn more.


Wall of Fame: The Globe and Mail’s 2015 summer program

Congratulations to The Globe and Mail for making it onto our Wall of Fame for their 2015 summer program! The advertisement itself states:

The Globe and Mail is looking to hire reporters, editors, digital/video/multimedia specialists, designers and others for the summer of 2015. These are fully paid jobs and not internships. We are seeking freelance writers and editors, experienced journalists from other organizations, recent graduates or students in their graduating year.

Unpaid internships (both legal and illegal) are extremely common in journalism and we would like to commend the Globe and Mail for providing paid positions. One benefit of offering paid summer positions is that no applicant is restricted from participating based on financial need or socioeconomic status. We hope other Canadian media follow the Globe and Mail’s example and offer paid summer positions or ensure that their internships comply with provincial employment laws.

Read the full 2015 summer program advertisement here.


Walrus Magazine interns to be paid

Walrus Magazine is on our Wall of Fame today since it announced they would be offering a paid internship program. This news follows the Ontario Ministry of Labour crackdown on unpaid internships that led Toronto Life and Walrus Magazine to end their illegal internship programs.

The Walrus reportedly acquired external funding from the Chawkers Foundation to bring three of its former unpaid interns back with pay. We would like to congradulate the Walrus and encourage other magazines to use their resources to offer paid internships as well!



Nextopia advertises paid internships

We’ve got a change of tone this morning with an always happy Wall of Fame post, after stumbling upon three paid full-time internships at Nextopia, an ecommerce company based in Toronto.

The company is accepting applications from qualified candidates until March 11, for a Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator and Sales Intern, and UI/UX Designer Intern. Kudos to Nextopia for supporting and investing in young people. As for all those interested in applying, get your applications in ASAP!



Vancouver Canucks seeking photography intern

That’s right. We had to put a HOCKEY TEAM on our Wall of Shame. How un-Canadian is that? Well, the Vancouver Canucks advertised for an unpaid Photography Intern, a position that looks suspiciously like a real job. Check out the advertisement here.

Although this sounds like a pretty cool job, the Vancouver Canucks are still required (by law) to pay their employees. If you are fuzzy about the laws surrounding internships in British Columbia, check out our “What’s the Law?” page. In British Columbia, interns can only work unpaid if the internship is part of an academic program. The advertisement states they are looking for a “current photography student or recent graduate.” Unless this Photography Intern does the internship as part of their academic program, he or she is entitled to be paid the minimum wage.



The Vancouver Canucks have responded saying this position is paid and for that we have moved them to our Wall of Fame! We have asked them to include that the position is paid in their advertisement. Frequently organizations have been posting internships without mentioning that they are unpaid until the applicants contact them to avoid public exposure.

If you know anyone who has done an internship with the Vancouver Canucks, please have them e-mail us at info@internassociation.ca