Wall of Shame: Carleton University

UPDATE: This internship posting has been removed. We will provide another update in due course.

Carleton University has joined our Wall of Shame following posts for two summer unpaid internships that look a lot more like summer jobs. Read the full internship posting here: Carleton University Summer Strength & Conditioning Internship 2015

Based on the posting, it does not appear that the interns will be receiving academic credit or pay for these internships. Although the interns may be students, they are still entitled to pay because the internship does not provide them with academic credit.

Both internships are full-time for four months. The expectations include:

  • Coach team, group or individual training sessions
  • Coach movement preparation, corrective exercise and recovery modalities
  • Coach reconditioning sessions with inured athletes
  • Conduct movement assessments and performance based testing
  • Coach Speed, Agility , Quickness and Plyometric Sessions
  • Coach Energy System Development Sessions
  • Work with the Carleton University S&C Staff to enhance our sports performance program (project)
  • Weight room supervision

Making these positions unpaid creates a huge barrier to those undergraduate students that cannot afford to work for free over the summer.

We encourage Carleton University to make these internships paid positions or, at least, ensure that they are legal under the Employment Standards Act by creating an educational component and providing students with academic credit.


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