MP Scott Brison stands up for interns in House of Commons

Member of Parliament Scott Brison stood up for unpaid interns in the House of Commons on Tuesday. During Question Period, he asked the following:

Mr. Speaker, there are 265,000 fewer jobs for young Canadians than before the downturn. Students looking for summer jobs are pressured into unpaid work just to get the work experience. This hurts students and it hurts their middle class parents who are struggling to pay the bills; but instead of tracking unpaid work, the Conservatives continue to ignore the problem. They cannot manage what they do not measure.

Will the new Minister of Finance and the government finally ask Statistics Canada to start tracking unpaid work, so we can actually make the investments to solve this problem for young Canadians and their families?

To watch the video, visit this CPAC page and start at 24:10.

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