Wall of Fame: The World Sikh Organization of Canada

Congratulations to the World Sikh Organization who is on our Wall of Fame following their advertisement for PAID SUMMER INTERNSHIPS in Ontario and British Columbia. The advertisement describes that in addition to assisting with research, drafting, and outreach, interns will gain new skills and receive mentoring. A great model to follow!

View the advertisement online or download the PDF.


Shocking Results from Ontario Blitz

The Ontario Ministry of Labour has announced that they have collected nearly $140,000 in wages for interns in workplaces across the province. These are the results from the Ministry’s recent inspection blitz where employment standards officers visited 123 workplaces believed to have internship programs and investigated whether interns were entitled to minimum wage and other employment standards such as public holidays and vacation.

Out of the 77 workplaces that had interns:

  • 18 employers (almost 25 per cent) did not meet the requirements under the Employment Standards Act (ESA)
  • 18 employers (almost 25 per cent) had paid interns and were in compliance with the ESA
  • 41 employers (more than 50 per cent) were found to have intern programs that were exempt from the ESA

The blitz found $140,630 in wages that were owed to interns, and since that time a total of $138,731 has been recovered. This includes:

  • $85,968 in owed wages voluntarily paid by 13 employers
  • $52,763 in owed wages recovered by the ministry through orders issued to four employers


View the press release here: https://news.ontario.ca/mol/en/2016/04/ontario-recovers-thousands-of-dollars-owed-to-interns.html?_ga=1.140820916.724553754.1433856196

View the full report here: http://www.labour.gov.on.ca/english/es/inspections/blitzresults_intern2016.php

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Wall of Shame: The Hill Times

Today on our Wall of Shame is The Hill Times, an independent weekly newspaper on federal politics based out of Ottawa. The Hill Times has advertised editorial, design, photography and website internships that we strongly suspect do not comply with Ontario Employment Standards Act.

You can view the advertisements at www.hilltimes.com/internships and we have saved a PDF of the page here in case they take it down. Although the advertisement states “All internships are unpaid”, it makes no mention of an educational program or training of any kind.

Hill Times – PAY YOUR INTERNS!!!!

Love, the Canadian Intern Association