June 19th: SchoolFinder Webinar

Tomorrow afternoon, Intern Association is participating in the Edge Interactive/ SchoolFinder.com webinar on Summer Jobs, Internships and Co-op Opportunities. The webinar will be attended by over 200 participants, made up mostly of students, new grads and educators. Claire is going to give a short presentation on internships that touches on the different types and durations and provides tips for young workers on how to make the best of their experience and to watch out for exploitation.


Registration is free, click here

Canadian Intern Association on CBC’s Metro Morning

This morning Claire Seaborn, Chair of The Canadian Intern Association traveled down to the CBC studio to do an interview with Matt Galloway on CBC Radio One’s Metro Morning. Claire was interviewed along side Addie Sorrell to talk about their intern experiences and discuss the inherent problems with unpaid internships. Addie Sorrell told her story of an internship gone wrong, which involved her being lead on about possible employment and treated with disrespect. Claire discussed her positive intern experiences and outlined some of the legal problems in Ontario and across Canada with unpaid internships.

Tune in to hear Matt Galloway and the Canadian Intern Association discuss the current internship landscape and what students should do to avoid being exploited.

Canadian Intern Association on CBC’s Metro Morning