About Us

The Canadian Intern Association is a not-for-profit organization that advocates against the exploitation of interns and aims to improve internship experiences.

We were founded in June 2012 and incorporated federally in July 2013. Our work focuses on education, law reform, research and media coverage.


  • Talks – Members of our Executive Team regularly give presentations and workshops on intern rights at conferences and on college and university campuses
  • The Wall – We draw attention to illegal or problematic internships on our Wall of Shame and celebrate positive internship programs on our Wall of Fame in an effort to change employer practices
  • Canadian Intern Rights Guide – We are currently assembling a guidebook on intern rights which will serve as an educational tool for students, interns and employers in every province

Law Reform

  • Policy Proposals – We are a non-partisan organization that prepares Policy Proposals and participates in provincial and federal government consultations to lobby for improved workplace rights for interns
  • Government Relations – We regularly meet with politicians, policy advisors and civil servants to understand how existing systems impact interns and foster important relationships
  • Legislative Drafting – We advise provincial and federal politicians aiming to improve intern rights with government and private member legislation


  • Undergraduate research and projects – We encourage undergraduate students to explore issues surrounding internships by supporting their research and projects in areas such as filmmaking, political science, law, journalism and graphic design
  • Publications – We assist Masters students, PhD candidates and professors with their research and Academic Articles regarding interns in Canada and internationally

Media Coverage

  • Interviews – We promote education, law reform and research regarding internships by regularly appearing in local, national and international media (check out our Press page)
  • Opinion Editorials – When an issue sparks our interest, we make our voice heard by writing opinion editorials that have been published in Canada’s national newspapers

The Canadian Intern Association is able to accomplish its goals thanks to the hard work our dedicated Executive Team, strategic advice from our Board of Directors, and thoughtful collaboration with our Partners.

To support our work, kindly Donate or get involved by emailing info@internassociation